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Our Maintenance Services

We want the beauty of your landscape to be perpetual. In our profession, especially in the Pacific North West, that means maintenance. Our maintenance professionals are well-trained, experienced and accountable for the site's they manage. Over the last 40 years we have learned the important details about how to uphold pristine landscapes year around. Your total satisfaction with the beauty of your land is our top priority.
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Turf Program

  • Turf Mowing: All turf areas will be cut to 1.5 to 2.0 inch height depending upon conditions. Litter and clippings will be removed each service call. All lawns will be cross-cut where possible to avoid rutting.

  • Line Trim: All high spots and building wall edges wil be cut using line trimmer to ensure a neat appearance.

  • Edging: Bed edges, walkways, etc. will be cut with power edger to ensure crisp, vertical borders.

  • Weed Control: Turf weeds will be sprayed as needed for control of broadleaf turf weeds.

  • Fertilization: All lawn areas will be fertilized according to a frequency schedule to ensure healthy, green color. Fertilizer additives for crane fly (infestation), fusarium, moss and weed control will be used according to good horticultural practices.

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Bed Program

  • Weed Control: All bedding areas will be maintained in weed-free condiition. Pre-emergents and spot-spraying will be used to assist in this process where appropriate. Beds will be raked and grooed as needed.

  • Ground Covers: All ground cover plants will be tip-pruned in order to maintain neat bed edges.

  • Litter: All litter will be removed from landscape areas each service call and taken to an approved dump site.

  • Tree/Shrub Pruning: All landscape trees and shrubs will be pruned once annually according to good horticultural practices. In addition, plantings will be tip-pruned during growing season to maintain proportion. Debris will be removed to an approved dump site.

  • Fertilization: All trees and shrubs will be surface fed with a balanced fertilizer once annually. Deep root feeding programs are available on request at an extra charge.

  • Leaf Pick-Up: In the fall, all leaf drop will be removed as needed to keep landscape neat and clean.


  • Irrigation Systems: If applicable, irrigation systems will be turned on at the beginning of the season and a damage estimate submitted. All irrigation repairs are on a time and material basis. At the end of the growing season, the system will be winterized and shut down for the winter. We offer backflow testing to our clients as well. 

  • Hard Surfaces: All walkways and entries will be air-blown each service call. Curbs will be kept weed-free and clean. All drains in landscape and curbs will be cleaned of debris as needed.

  • Pesticides: Only Washington State Department of Agriculture approved pesticides will be applied to landscape. Any pesticides used will be applied by licensed commercial applicators. Where appropriate, only environmentally safe products will be applied.

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