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Canber is Quality

Canber Landscaping has performed professional landscaping services in the greater Seattle area since 1983. Founded by Jeff Candler, in Renton Washington; the company has grown from an owner-operated business to a multi-divisional organization employing a large team of well-trained, professional landscapers.

Canber is constantly striving to set the bar for beautiful landscaping in the pacific northwest. We have been doing this a long time and that is a testament to our unparalleled service. Despite the company’s growth; Jeff Candler continues to oversee all operations of the business and is actively involved in ensuring quality control and maintaining the highest level of service. Canber is a family owned and a family operated business and that is how we go after our business; providing our clients family like attention and care with professional attention to detail and diligence. 

What people say about us

“Hi, I just wanted to pass along my thanks and congratulate you for having such a great work force. They did an excellent job on the Seahawks new facility in Renton getting large trees planted and more recently arranging for very nice looking plants, getting them planted and completing the job in advance of the Seahawks opening date of July 31st.


It has been a pleasure working with Brian, who goes above and beyond to provide great customer service and a feeling of comfort knowing a job will get done on time to our sometimes exacting specifications as well as his flexibility to change to fit the situation as it evolves. Not to mention, he’s simply a hard worker.

I look forward to working with your company and Brian on future projects. Thanks for providing the citizens of Renton with such great service at a reasonable price.”

Terry F. / City Forester / Parks Manager

"Thanks again for all of you help. You guys really are a great crew, honestly, from the way Jeff handles customers to all of you that doing "heavy lifting"...great crew!"    

Mark Minniti 

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